Tree selection and planting

Tree selection and planting a tree is an extremely satisfying thing to do. Due to continued development and population increase it becomes more and more difficult to be able to replace trees as they are removed, especially larger species. When we get the chance to replant a tree it is important that the right tree be planted in the right spot to allow it to flourish and not become a nuisance later in life.

At 2nd Generation Trees, Craig has a good long standing relationship with many of South Australia’s wholesale nurseries and will personally inspect and select all trees before purchased. Local Adelaide arborists, our local knowledge will help ensure good plant and tree selection. It is important that young trees have good health and vigour and are not pot bound or have girdling roots.

Once a tree has been selected and the investment made it is important to take care planting it into its new environment.  At 2nd Generation Trees, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to provide your plant with the best start in its new home.

To contact us to discuss your tree selection and planting needs please call Craig on 0459 364 671

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