Tree maintenance

People have genuine interests or concerns about their private trees and I enjoy the discussion and planning as to what might be the best approach as much as the work itself. Sometimes the best thing to do with trees is nothing, so apart from a friendly chat it wont cost you anything.


When work is required, it is critical that the correct maintenance program is implemented. This will ensure that the desired outcome is met without going to far and stressing the tree causing lots of regrowth that becomes a maintenance nightmare in the future. Trees in your home will always need some attention at some point and we do recommend pruning and trimming your trees but if correct methods are used then it should be some time before you need to call an arborist back.

With qualified staff trained in the latest aboriculture practices 2nd Generation Trees, local Adelaide arborists, can recommend the best course of action to provide maximum long term aesthetics and good structural form to your trees.

We are also able to provide you with advice on implementing preventative measures such as,  potential storm damage and solutions, root management and the impact of trees and infrastructure.

Every tree we are asked to inspect and care for receives a detailed look and the application of our years of experience. We can bring our skilled Adelaide arborists to your location to care for your trees and assess what needs to be done to keep them in the best shape they can be for as long as possible.

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