Pruning and trimming

Regular pruning & trimming is your most effective form of tree maintenance. Pruning is often desirable or necessary to remove dead, diseased, or dangerous branches. Reducing the risk of possible limb failure in large trees is about the most important reason for pruning. At 2nd Generation Trees our Adelaide arborists offer professional tree services including pruning and trimming.

Other reasons for pruning are that maybe your garden has become to overgrown and thinning out unwanted debris can allow more sunlight, air and able you to better access your garden. This kind of pruning can give other plants the opportunity to flourish in a more open environment.

All trees will benefit from good pruning, from fruit trees to mature specimens pruning is an excellent way to improve tree structure, enhance vigour, or maintain safety.

Proper technique is essential. Our arborists are skilled in the latest tree care techniques; they know how to use the correct pruning cuts to avoid damage to your trees. All pruning & trimming done by 2nd Generation Trees will be in accordance with Australian Standard, Pruning of amenity trees. (AS 4373 – 2007)

For more information on your local council and significant trees visit our Adelaide Council Links page.

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