Mulch and firewood delivery


Taking care of the environment is an important aspect of Arboriculture, so acting in an environmentally conscious manner and minimizing the impact we have on our surroundings is an important part of any job. Mulch and Firewood are ideal ways to care for the environment.


Resourcing refuse into mulch is an ideal outcome. In adelaide’s hot dry summers, mulch provides water retention, and nutrients that will be deposited as the mulch slowly becomes compost. It also looks great in garden beds and helps with weed control.


Felled wood can also be cut and up and used for firewood. Having a wood heater can be a cheaper alternative to your heating costs.

Our Tipper truck is compact enough that in most cases we can tip the wood or mulch as close to the front door as convenient.  Firewood is cut into rounds ready for splitting and in lengths that would fit into most combustion heaters.

Wood Turning

Certain types of timber can also be turned into slabs or used for such things as wood turning.

If you are interested in acquiring wood for turning, or for mulch & firewood please contact Craig on 0459 364671 to discuss.

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