Elm Leaf Beetle treatment

Elm Leaf Beetle was confirmed in Adelaide back in 2011 and it has only recently established itself in the Adelaide Hills over the last few years.

This harmful insect can quickly damage Elm trees, when abundant they can entirely defoliate large elm trees, which eliminates summer shade and reduces the aesthetic value of trees. Repeated attacks will weaken the Elm, causing trees to decline and can eventually kill them. 

What are the signs of Elm Leaf Beetle?

The presence of Elm Leaf Beetle becomes evident in October to December when new foliage has appeared. Adult beetles emerge in spring and feed on leaves creating ‘Shot Hole’ damage, the female beetle then lay their eggs on the leaves.  Once the the elm leaf beetle larvae hatch they destroy all but the veins of the leaves, creating a ‘skeleton’ effect. The larvae mature, mate and the cycle repeats during October through til March. 

What do Elm Leaf Beetle look like?

The adult beetle is about 6mm long, yellowish to olive green with a black stripe along each side of the back where its wings are covered.  
The larvae are up to 12mm long, green to yellow, black head and two black stripes on the back. The eggs laid by the adult beetles are found on the underside of the Elm leaves in clusters and are about 6mm long and bright orange-yellow.

How to protect your tree

Whilst your Elm tree can’t be cured from Elm Leaf Beetle you can put in place a prevention plan. A healthy tree is more likely to survive. You can help your tree by watering in dry periods. Fertilise in late winter with slow release fertiliser. Avoid compaction of soil over root zone and encourage good soil conditions by covering the roots zone with  mulch instead of lawn.

Treating your trees every 2 years will reduce severity of an attack by the beetle. Our most recommended treatment method is via stem injections which effectively and safety reduces the number of Elm Leaf Beetles.

If you suspect that an Elm tree on your property may be suffering from this pest by observing the signs and symptoms above, we recommended that you seek advice from a qualified arborist. 2nd Generation Trees has the knowledge and equipment to treat infected trees and will provide advice on managing your tree to  minimise the re-treatment time and ensure a cost-effective management program.

Our qualified Arborists are passionate about the health of your trees and keeping them safe so we provide a comprehensive all round professional tree service.

No job is too big or too small, so call us for a chat, some advice and a free quote.

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