With over 20 years’ experience in tree maintenance, our Adelaide arborist services are fully insured and we have all the tools and equipment necessary to carry out any work required – no matter how big or small.

Tree maintenance

Our qualified staff can help to provide maximum long term aesthetics and good structural form to your trees. We also provide advice on implementing preventative measures for potential storm damage, root management and the impact of trees and infrastructure.

Pruning and trimming

Pruning is often necessary to remove dead, diseased or dangerous branches. Our arborists are skilled in the latest tree care techniques; using the correct pruning cuts to avoid damage to your trees. And all done in accordance with Australian Standards.

Tree and stump removal

No matter the size or location of a tree, we can use our knowledge and experience to carry out the removal in the most efficient and safe way. And if you need a stump removed, we can provide a solution that would achieve the best outcome for your garden.

Tree selection and planting

We have a good, long standing relationship with many of South Australia’s wholesale nurseries and will personally inspect and select all trees before purchase.  As local Adelaide arborists, our knowledge and experience will help ensure good plant and tree selection. 

Mulch and firewood delivery

Being environmentally conscious and minimizing the impact we have on our surroundings is an important part of any job. That’s why we provide a delivery service if you need mulch for your garden bed, firewood for your heater or slabs for wood turning?

Storm damage and clean up

When storm damage occurs, our team are available to help with the clean up. If you have fallen trees and hanging branches that need urgent attention, we provide a 24hr hour emergency call out service. We can also help to review the structure and stability of trees after a storm.

Real estate inspections

When buying a property there are many aspects to consider, one of them being the impact any surrounding trees may have on the dwelling now or in the future. Our knowledge and experience can help to provide information about the state and situation of trees on the property.

Elm Leaf Beetle treatment

An infestation of Elm Leaf Beetles can cause a variety of elm species to defoliate, decline or, if severe and untreated, die. We offer treatment to help control the infestation and stop the bettle from casuing further damage.

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